Open that Bottle Night #OTBN

We are hosting that Open that Bottle Night (OTBN) dinner for you, to give you that opportunity;  Are you waiting for that perfect occasion…This is it! We will ask everyone to share a few words about their significant wine they brought. Remember, everyone has that “one” wine that seems too special to open.  The bottle sits there….. dying. There are bottles of wine out there sitting in Cellars and literally being loved to death!


Every year it’s  held on  the last Saturday in February (Feb 25, 2017). Start planning your OTBN experience from the people you bring along, to the special wine you will bring. Choose your wine, it doesn’t have to be your most impressive bottle, but a bottle that means the most to you, and one that you would simply not open just “any time”. You are looking for a bottle full of memories!

Since the millennium, a night deep in the month of February has been brightened for wine lovers by the creation of a day to celebrate cherished bottles. “Open That Bottle Night”  was created by New York Times “Tasting” columnists, to motivate people to reconnect with each other over a favourite bottle, and create more  memories with friends. Wine is more than the liquid in the bottle. It’s about history, geography, relationships and all-important things in your life.

Join us at Noir Restaurant for a 2 -3 course wine dinner and we can do the same. This event is a bring your own event, that’s right; In conjunction with #OTBN 2017 we are hosting an event where you bring the wine, (will also be drinking alot of wine from Luke’s cellar) So… ‪mark your calendars, Luke will talk to you about your bottle, and uncork some of his own.

There will be special offers to buy cellared gems on the evening we will talk all things aged, cellaring, oxidation and what the 5 factors are to consider when starting a cellar. $99 or $180 per couple come one, or come as a table.  #OTBN17