Podcast – Luke’s Talk Wine

That’s right after many years in the making a Podcast is LIVE!!!
Our Founder Luke Campbell with his good friend Comedian and Bon Vivant Luke Morris, have finally released a Pod, devoted to all things wine and the culture that surrounds drinking.

If you have already been following along, we want you to vote in our Hottest 100 wines of the year….

You can do here >>>> https://bit.ly/3SFg7Sd It is very easy.  You might even ***win**** Wine.

Hottest 100 Wines


This is by no means a serious podcast but what it is, is an insiders view looking out at the the wine industry.  They talk about what to drink, some of the drink trends, think hints and hacks of wine and of course and insight into what the lads are drinking on a weekly basis.

You wont need to know wine when tuning into Lukes Talk Wine, but you might need a glass in hand, for what is a fireside chat that your are listening in on….

You can listen in on All the  podcasting channels,  you can email in at e: lukestalkwine@gmial.com or you can simply watch @luketalkwine on instagram.

Each week the lads share stories, and the impact wines had on their lives, together they will swap some feel-good stories about their personal journeys in in wine. Join In. + Don’t forget to vote!!